Pre Wired Off Grid Solar System


Pre-Wired off grid solar systems. Including solar panels, inverter charger & batteries. All you need to do is have it installed by an electrician.



Complete off-grid system pre wired and ready to install (by a qualified electrician).

This is a powerful system perfect for small off-grid cabins, sheds all the way to off grid homes. Use solar panels to power your house and store energy in batteries during the day. Whenever need you can start a generator and charge your batteries + power your loads directly.

There are usually alot of questions about these systems – how do they work? what size system do I need? Please go to the library section of the website for articles hopefully explaining all your questions.

Please contact me prior or after purchasing to confirm product details and shipping. There is typically a lead time of 2-3weeks for these systems, email to confirm. Shipping is not included in the price advertised.

Note: These are not suitable for grid connected systems.

Can be built in a large steel switchboard box or on a ply board in the open.

Whats included:

  • 3.5kW Solar panels
  • Racking to suit solar panels
  • Cable 4mm2 (25m), isolator switch for rooftop
  • EPever Inverter charger 5kw or 3kW
  • LiFePO4 Battery (5,10,15kWh)


What you need to supply (if location is in or near SEQ we can quote to install):

  • Electrician (qualified in solar installation) to install solar panels and run cable from panels into pre-wired board
    • Electrician to supply suitable conduiting for all cabling.
  • Electrician to install and earth pre-wired board from it’s switchboard
  • Any switchboard & circuit breakers for the house/shed is not included.
  • Electrician to connect from pre-wired board switchboard to house switchboard and commission


Specifications on Equipment:

Epever Up-Hi Inverter: 48V 5kw

Max continuous power output – 5kW, 8kw surge

Max battery charge 80A (combined PV & utility)

Max PV charge 4000W, 80A. Max Array size


Battery: LiFePO4 battery

2000+ Cycles, Max 100Amps continuous discharge.

Note – Shipping costs will be estimated after purchase or when contacted

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
LiFePO4 Battery

5kWh, 10kWh, 15kWh